Monsters are real!

The little girl said, “But mommy, monsters aren’t real, are they?”

Oh yes my darling they are definitely real said mommy

The expression on the little girl’s face changed from apprehension to astonishment

You are not afraid of monsters mommy?, she asked in amazement

No my dear I am not afraid of monsters that are make-believe

And neither should you be for those are just pretend monsters

Look out for those who try to trick you, cheat you or lie to you

These monsters are easy to spot, easy to avoid

Give them a wide berth and don’t believe in their honeyed words


Written for FSS # 83, hosted this week by Jim



58 thoughts on “Monsters are real!

      1. I always thought so. But some parents think things like “the farm” for elderly dogs is an easier way for kids to understand. It’s not. My baby sister is 35 years old, and it was like 4 years ago that she was telling a friend of hers about the dog my parents sent to the farm to play with other old dogs and she realized “O..M…G!!!!” I was like “REALLY?” But, she didn’t think about it until that moment. Silly girl

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  1. The story of monsters or demons is common in our African stories Monsters are imaginary beings with ill motives, they are out to block and destroy. These monsters live amongst ourselves and so, they are mortal. Good Sadje.

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