Is writing difficult?

Today Dr. Tanya has asked our opinion about a quote;


“Writing is always difficult, but easier with something to say.”

From “Bridge of Clay” by Marcus Zusak.


Like Tanya, I think that the first part of this quote is not true for everyone. Some people love writing and that’s the only reason they have a blog; they write and express themselves.

Then there is the proviso; it’s easier when we have something to say. Who can dispute this irrefutable fact. If I don’t have any thoughts in my mind, I would find it difficult to write. No one likes to read pointless babble. So before writing have a few ideas in your mind, ready to be translated into words.

Writing is a passion for many writers, but without ideas and thoughts to write about, it would indeed be a difficult task.

Do you find writing comes easy to you or do you have to dig around for ideas before you are ready to put them into writing?

In response to Blogging Insights- 3.0 # 4, hosted by Tanya



62 thoughts on “Is writing difficult?

  1. Thankfully inspiration seems to be always be at hand. This year I was tasked to write a weekly column, and although I’ve been able to write 42, I have to admit that I worry the ideas will run out.

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  2. Its, odd but once one starts writing, one finds one “has something to say.” That something may not end up as the final draft, but somehow (I believe, perhaps I am in the minority), the act of writing is its own muse. Great thought-provoking quote!! Wonderful response, Sadje!!

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  3. Mostly comes easy to me.

    But sometimes the inclination to write wanes.
    Yet I’m always bubbling with ideas.

    It’s a good practise to keep at it even if it’s a few lines so we don’t get rusty.

    Quite a relevant thought this.
    Love and hugs Sadje.

    Hope you are feeling much better and are up and about? 🤍💜

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  4. The idea part can be coaxed and inspired and pondered upon. The most taxing part for me is writing it well, my own way. That’s something where you need to be open to learn the art from everywhere and practice it.

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  5. The mundane quality of my life can put a damper on having new ideas to write about. I feel like when I sit down to write, there is a dusty, dry mind. They say write what you know. Maybe I need to seek out more novel experiences.

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  6. I hate to admit this, but I can ALWAYS write — even when I have nothing to say. It won’t be good writing, though it might read well. And not having anything to say works a lot better in a blog than a book, but yeah, I can write about nothing. I have written several time about — essentially — nothing.

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      1. It really IS a gift. I isn’t unlimited. I can’t write good fiction, but I can write pretty much anything informational. It was a lucky gift. It paid the bills for most of my life. I have some other lesser abilities, but they were never good enough to be professional — or it’s possible I wasn’t motivated to fully engage them. Or maybe it was because writing was easy compared to anything else I could do.

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          1. I never thought I was quite good enough. I’m better now than I was, but my processing skills are very limited and I have shockingly little interest in the mechanics of cameras. I take pretty pictures, but I’ve seen GREAT photographers and their work is so much better than mine. I have “a little talent” for art and photography but honestly, without being overly modest, I know people who are SO much more talented in both fields that I am.

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  7. I’ve got to disagree with this one, I never have anything in mind when ai start writing a novel, I just write and it slowly develops on its own. It’s very organic. I mean with my latest novel I didn’t intend to have a talking sunflower, but it works

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  8. That is so true. I guess one would feel the difference in writing when someone is coming from a place where it is his passion, and someone who has something to say. Their compositions would taste different. Thanks for this, Sadje. Lovely read.

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  9. good points for discussion Sadje. I guess passion for writing also depends on whether the thoughts are their originals or inspired by other writing? Sometimes we need a word, or phrase or image to get the ideas going. A good imagination helps too…well for me at least.

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  10. I just wrote about this on my Blog. I wondered if we were born with Imagination and ideas or if it is taught to us. For me, I think it’s a little bit of both. I do have constant ideas, but I know my mother was always having us (four kids) observe and see things around us. Interesting topic for sure.

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      1. You made me smile and brought back a memory. When I was in College, my roommate was good in math/technology, I wasn’t. However, I was good at writing, so she would always want me to write the intro to her research papers, that got her started… I will remind HER of how wonderful I was. LOL

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  11. Writing comes easy for me, the process is therapeutic and relaxing, yet when I revisit my own writing I find multiple mistakes, words missing, sentences jumbled, so production is not a problem, the problem is quality. I feel the same about poetry writing, it’s super easy but the quality differs greatly from poem to poem. I wish I was consistently at the top of my writing abilities.

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