Red flowers- gifted heart

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Bouquet in glass vase
Glorious red perfection
Romantic Legos

©Marsha Ingrao 2023

Love, the epitome of humanity

Without love we are empty

Kindness and wisdom combined

Makes a heart brimful of love

Love is not limited to the special one

It encompasses everyone in our circle

It shows in thoughtful actions and words

It exhibits itself in our touch and care

It’s seen in what we sacrifice for those we love

Without love in our lives, we are empty

Written for; WQ #6: February 8: LOVE/RED, hosted by Marsha



59 thoughts on “Red flowers- gifted heart

  1. Lovely poem, Sadje. I think your life reflects these lines, “Love is not limited to the special one

    It encompasses everyone in our circle.” I think you must touch so many people each day with your own special brand of love. Have a wonderful week, my friend.

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  2. Sometimes it is just a smile with some good listening that makes folks comfortable. There are a few new faces at our gym class… and they seemed to gravitate to those who do just that! We can expand our circles like a drop in water… radiate and overlap universal kindness 🙂

    I’ve seen plenty of legos… but not rose legos! Lovely 🙂

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    1. You’re so right Jules! Kindness and a smile is often the magnet that pulls people in.
      Theses Lego roses were posted by Marsha. I hadn’t seen these before either. Very beautiful

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          1. I’ve got some from Star Wars… I think.
            My grands would take them apart – even take the little hands off! I tried putting a few back together, but I had some parts more, and some less…

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