Finding peace

1. How do you define peace on a personal level?

When I was growing up, our home environment was not peaceful. My elder brother was always having issues with my stepmother. So when I thought of peace, I’d think of an environment that was free of conflict.

2. What does findng peace mean to you?

Continuing from my first answer, I found peace in that troubled environment by finding my faith. When I found out that God is there for us all, I started to tell Him my problems. I’d share whatever was troubling me with Allah/ God and that’s how I learned to find peace.

3. What environment (the ocean, the mountains, the desert, etc) brings you peace?

I don’t need a physical place to be peaceful. If I’m content and happy in my inner soul, I’m at peace!

4. Is there a person whose presence puts you at ease and gives you a feeling of peace?

When my family is at peace with me and each other, I’m at peace. Since my parents have passed away, I cannot tell another person all that worries me, just bits and pieces of it. I’ve learned to be at peace within myself when the people around me are cordial with each other.

Written in response to Tranquil Thursday # 2, hosted by Maggie



40 thoughts on “Finding peace

  1. I do not enjoy conflict either, Sadje. It seems some people thrive on it and I find it perplexing. Faith can certainly help ground us and lead us to peace, especially in a rather chaotic world.

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  2. It’s so important to find this inner peace because nothing around us will ever be perfect. Of course there are some moments when all is well among my circle of friends and family and that is a special kind of peace.

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