Change- It just took a moment

in that one moment


What is a moment?

A spec of time, of no importance

But it has the power to change a life

It can be a moment of great discovery

Something that would open your eyes

Sudden realization hitting you like a gale-force wind

Shaking your foundations to the core of your being

Mine was one such event that showed to me

That together with my family I can be the

Strongest shield against the world if need be

Protecting, giving sanctuary in time of distress

Standing firm for one of us when they are weakened

I never knew I had the strength till I was tested

Adversity made me and motherhood stronger

Like a lioness I am ready to protect my children


I didn’t share any specific details for they aren’t mine to divulge but suffice to say that when a member of my family was put in distress, I, much to my amazement emerged the stronger one.

In response to RXC # 267, hosted by Reena



64 thoughts on “Change- It just took a moment

  1. Wonderful poem, Sadje! One second can change everything, and I agree motherhood turns us into lionesses. I’ve made make one-second decisions because of my kids, discovering the brave woman I am.

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