Bursting bubbles

Some people, I think we all have met them, take great joy in bursting the bubbles of other people’s happiness.

Underhanded compliments, and praise with a proviso, are their usual modus operandi, though sometimes they even attack directly when they can’t contain their envy.

With a smile and black joy in their hearts, they will utter words that are meant to hurt, meant to destroy your confidence or to shake your belief in yourself.

What do decent people do in return when under attack by these snakes?

One set of people would just ignore this underhanded assault, smile and resolve in their hearts to cut off them from their list of friends/ acquaintances.

While others, though nice people, start to plan revenge; things that they will say when they will find an opportunity, and they take great joy in this revenge planning though it’s very likely that these plans would remain just plans and would never be converted into actual words or actions!


Written in response to Six Sentence Story- Bubble, hosted by Denise



86 thoughts on “Bursting bubbles

  1. Great angle on this popular adage Sadje. Yes honey, I think we encounter those who are miserable, walking around with anything that has a point on it, and directing it towards you to burst your bubble of joy and celebration. But guess what? They are going to get exhausted by trying to whisper doubt into your psyche, and to keep you focused on the brick wall… but honey, you have more bubbles to blow. Thanks Sadje! 😘💖🤗

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  2. 👌🤍So very perfectly expressed Sadje G. I recall advise and encouragement of a very similar nature from a very helpful and lovely person 🤲and it helped tremendously.

    Thanks for sharing 🤍

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  3. Your post made me think of what my mother used to tell us as kids. She used to say that happiness for others was the greatest test between two friends. If you can be happy for someone else’s success (and even learn from it) then you’re a true life-long friend, if you can’t, then it’s your loss. Well said Sadje.

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  4. This is almost to perfection. I mean, we have some types of people like that around – almost everyday of our lives. They take joy in depriving you of your dreams, drain positive energy from nice people. It’s very sad, I’ve been such a victim before and as you described in your words I planned to revenge but it never came 🥺.

    You did great on this Sadje.

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  5. In all the years of dealing with such people, I’ve never actually gotten to say ANY of those planned little jabs probably because I avoid people like that once I realize how poisonous they are. It keeps me from becoming equally poisonous.

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  6. I love that you didn’t hold back at this post, Sadje. Telling it like it is.
    Recently I met a kind of reptile- they were all venom and toxicity…but when they created their joint , all courtesy and pleasantries…haha 🤣
    Tell you what: Ignoring is always a good option.
    But there comes a time where one must pay them with the same currency… deny them the certainty that they will have it their way always.😉

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    1. Very true Sipra. The thing is that decent people often are the receiving end and seldom find the proper words at the right time. There have been rare occasions when I spoke out in anger and later regretted it. So I think that ; “silence is golden “ is the right attitude

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  7. Oh yes, the number of downright nasty conversations I have had with myself in my car. Curse, swear, plot, plan… but then it’s out of my system and I move on. If it’s someone I can remove from my life I will, if it isn’t then I’ll kill ’em with kindness. I once had a colleague who was spitting venom my way. My solution was to say hi every morning, and engage pleasantly when required. the result, the person got so angry and submitted a harassment complaint because I was being nice to him, and the same as I would treat any of my other colleagues. It was kind of funny actually.

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