Valentine’s Red roses

“One red rose says more than a dozen.” ~ Wendy Craig.

So you love me, care for me?

Your devotion is steadfast?

It would be impossible for you

To break my heart, to forsake my love?

The care you take to never poison our love

Will be the hallmark of your attachment

I would have believed you, I’d really have

If I hadn’t found the pictures from the last vacation

Plastered all over your Facebook page

Posing with a new girl every day

How quickly you change your affections

No one holding your interest for long

Won’t I be a fool to take all your declarations of love

At their face value, as if I was born just yesterday!

Take these valentines, red and beautiful back

And present them to your latest love

In response to; Weekly Prompts- Valentine red, hosted by Sue W and GC

(Edited version of a poem written in 2019)



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