Writing in response to prompts?

For Blogging Insights- 3.0 # 3, Dr. Tanya asks;



How do writing prompts affect your creativity? Do they expand it, or do they restrict it?

I feel that a prompt, be it a word, phrase or an image gives a nudge to our creativity and helps us while writing.

I really love doing prompts. They start my creativity going. Initially, I used to combine 5-6 daily prompts and these word prompts were really a great way to write on something which was outside one’s usual range of topics. Looking back, many of the posts/ poems written in response to multiple prompts were very well-liked by my readers.

Can they be considered ‘real’ or ‘true’ writing?

This is really a very important question. Writing is writing, whether in response to a prompt or without it. Anything we write is based on one idea. Do they add value or is doing the prompt game just an easy way out? I frequently ask myself this question. I actually have cut back on my daily posts, which are mostly based on prompts. But the right people to ask this question would be my readers. They can really tell me if it adds to my blog or otherwise.

What is your favourite kind of prompt?

Anything that gets my imagination going. Words are easier as they are versatile. Pictures are a bit more challenging. Images trigger different responses and can lead to short stories. I love doing challenges that make me think and are challenging. Recently I’ve started participating in poetry challenges too. Perhaps as a way to engage with a different type of readership.

Thank you, Tanya, for these Blogging Insights Series. It is not only fun to answer your questions but it does give us a perspective look in our own minds and writing.

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56 thoughts on “Writing in response to prompts?

  1. Writing to prompts is new to me. It is fun. There is a time frame discipline. It is also fascinating to read other writers’ responses to see how different everyone is. How one image or one word can spark creativity. There is a sense of poetic community worldwide.

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  2. As a reader that reads your blogs, prompts or not, your writing is unique to your style and very much enjoyed and appreciated.

    As someone who writes to these prompts I agree with you, it’s very interesting. It’s no wonder that everyone comes up with different views to the same prompt. It’s not just the prompt, its your mind and thoughts shaped around it.

    Lovely responses Sadje.

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    1. Many thanks Destiny! I agree with your views about writing for prompts, there are such amazing and diversified type of responses to every type of prompt. Thanks for your lovely and encouraging words. 🥹

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  3. I always enjoy reading your posts Sadje, and participating in your prompts I’ve responded to.

    I agree with Destiny, you have a unique style and I enjoy reading your work and learning from your insights.

    I’m also in awe of your poetry writing skills. I dont think I could ever do that

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  4. I think prompts helps to give a blog variety. I know that I often have an idea way beyond my usual scope with a prompt, which is great for stretching your range

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  5. I think prompts can only limit in the sense that some limit words numbers. But then if you write traditional poetry there are lots of “rules” for different poetic forms, would you say that limits your poetic creativity staying with the rules? No, I don’t think so.

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  6. I think prompts are a great tool to help spur the imagination and/or wake up your muse. I chime in on a prompt when it speaks to me or sparks something, otherwise I just enjoy the varied responses to the prompt and wait for one that does. If I feel I have to write something to every prompt, then it feels more like an assignment and my responses don’t flow as easily, neither to write nor to read. For those that question whether it is real or true writing, they should take a stroll through the responses to any given prompt. The results are widely varied, both in style and subject, based on the individual submitting it.

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  7. Thank you Sadje, for this very comprehensive post. I have , in the past, called you the Queen of Prompts and that still holds true.
    You can use a variety of prompts to generate your unique perspective in fiction and non fiction, prose and poetry.

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