Sharing all about Vacations

Di is our host for Share Your World

Questions this week;

1. What kind of vacations did you have as a child?

We used to have 2-1/2 months off in summer when we were in school and mostly we’d go to my paternal grandparents home. Once we traveled to the port city of Karachi by train.

2. Have any of those remained favourites now that you’re an adult?

My grandparents passed away a long while ago and that house is sold. Train journey seems exciting but I don’t know that traveling by train for more that 24 hours is doable anymore at my age.

3. What has been your best vacation ever?

There are a couple that stand out. One was when my husband and I went for Umrah ( a religious journey made to Makkah). And the other when I went to Istanbul with my friends. Both were memorable trips for different reasons.

4. Do you prefer resorts where there are no kids allowed?

We used to take our kids with us on vacations so I preferred a place where kids were welcomed.


Finally, the weather has started to become warmer here. No more heavy quilts or sweaters. We will be in proper spring in a few more weeks.

The Sky just before sunrise today
Sonic the hedgehog, drawn by my grandson

Thank you Di for hosting SYW



46 thoughts on “Sharing all about Vacations

  1. your grandson is quite talented Sadje, very nice drawing. Vacations can be hard with kids but I recall always making sure ours went along every time, so yes places that were child friendly were much appreciated. Your journey to Karachi must have been filled with many wondrous tales and delights. Thank you for sharing your memories.

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