The unwritten story

What is written in your book and what remains unwritten?


I am 61

I would think that most of what needs to be written in my book has already been written, but life is unpredictable. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I don’t know what new adventures I will embark upon tomorrow?

Life is unpredictable, unexpected

Our plans are just writing in the sand

The waves of time and events erase them

Writing new words there, sometimes exciting

Some adventurers yet to come our way

Happy or woeful day yet to be lived

My wish for the future is simple

May I survive my days with grace

And depart from this world with

A smile on my face and contentment

In my heart


In response to Tranquil Thursday, hosted by Maggie



78 thoughts on “The unwritten story

  1. Absolutely beautiful and heartwarming, Sadje! Just a random thought…maybe you HAVE written most of what your book will contain, but maybe your page in someone else’s story may change the course of their book? 💞💞💞

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  2. 61 still seems young to me, Sadje (both my grandmothers were 90 when they died and my mum was in her 80s). I appreciate you have already written a lot of chapters, but I’m hoping you have a few left to write 🙂

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