Q and A with Rory

Another set of Questions from Rory

Have you learned anything new about your personality that you didn’t know beforehand whilst on your blogging journey?

With blogging I’ve discovered not one but many things about myself;

I can write poetry

I can write fiction

I can overcome my shy personality and make many friends online, from all over the world. My blogging friends are kind, friendly and very welcoming.

What are your last thoughts of the night before you turn your lights off, ready to sleep?

These days I usually drift off to sleep quickly when I turn off the lights. If it doesn’t happen quickly, I have many thoughts like some blogging ideas, or I think about my kids and family. I usually recite verses from the holy Quran before sleeping.

What is the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard anyone say, write, or blog about?

I don’t think I should judge people on what they choose to say, write, or blog about. What May feel ridiculous to me may be important to them.

What can you do today that you were not capable of a year ago?

Last year my left foot was giving me lots of pain. I couldn’t walk more than 10 minutes before it would become hard for me to continue. Now after the surgery I had in June, I’ve started to walk and am trying to regain my stamina for walking 4-5 miles daily. These days I can walk for 45 minutes at a stretch and can do 4 miles a day. I hope to increase it to my former level.



48 thoughts on “Q and A with Rory

  1. You are a wonderful, kind and amazing person Sadje. That is reflected in your answers to these questions. In particular that you weren’t willing to.be drawn into openly judging or criticising the work of others. I’m humbled by your sagesse Sadje 😊

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    1. I was going to say something along the same lines😁 so I hope you don’t mind me responding here Brenda😊 Thanks Sadje G. You have been an inspiration in the short while that I’ve been here and that is very appreciated and admired. Thank you earnestly 🤍

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