Gossip girls

Women whisper at a table in a crowd
This week’s photo is credited to Fill1970 on Pixabay

It depicts two women seated at a table in a restaurant or at a gathering with one telling the other a secret. People mill about in the background.


Tall claims, or obstinate views

Grind on my nerves because of their fallacy

The evening enjoyment is bound to be ruined

When one is faced with the harrowing prospect

Of listening to gossip about everyone present

Spare someone you ask, perhaps your best friend?

Oh no, I have the juiciest titbit about her, you’re informed!


claim | obstinate | grind | harrowing | bound

Written in response to FFFC # 204, hosted by Paula this week.

Also included Greg’s blog 5 word weekly





47 thoughts on “Gossip girls

  1. There is a story about an old lady who told tales. When confronted by a town advisor – they suggested she take her feather pillow into the town square and release the feathers. Only once she had gotten back all of the feathers of her pillow would she be allowed to gossip again!

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