Blurry photos

Camera in hand she looks for landscape and nature to photograph, something that would win the admiration of her friends, and perhaps someone would even pay for it.

The camera was an extravagance and now she needed to justify its purchase, not to others but to herself for she wasn’t happy with the idea of her being a wasteful person.

Shooting pictures from a digital camera shouldn’t be difficult, the guy who sold it to her even showed her how it was done so she followed his advice and just pointed the camera and clicked the button.

Excitedly she viewed the results of her efforts; her smile faded when all she saw one blur after another; these photos were no good at all.

Dejectedly, she stowed the camera in her cupboard thinking that it was another failed effort, an adventure that flopped like a high-billed movie that had no story.

It was her son who discovered her out-of-focus photos were of some use after all when erasing the memory card of the camera, he noticed that they would make great screen savers, and sold them for a good amount to one of his acquaintance who wanted to buy them.


In response to Six Sentence Story- Blur, hosted by Denise



81 thoughts on “Blurry photos

          1. You write beautifully. I wish I could write poetry like you.
            And from what I’ve read, you are a good mother and grandmother. I think you have lots of skills.
            You’re also very supportive and encouraging of others ❤️

            Liked by 1 person

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