Questions and answers with Rory

Rory has asked a few questions this morning;

Should we all live a life that others may not understand because of the uniquity of who we are or should we all conform to the norm?

I don’t think that we are all so unique that our life’s philosophy would be totally beyond others to understand. But having said that, conforming for the sake of fitting in is not something I’d advocate.

I’m a strong proponent of being oneself. If it really means that others will be bamboozled or puzzled by our life choices then be it. But don’t sacrifice your individuality to be a part of the herd.

What do you think are the five main components to living a healthy happy life?

Healthy body; Looking after one’s diet and physical health.

Healthy mind; looking after one’s mental health by loving oneself.

Healthy outlook; Being at peace with oneself, and society around you;

Being a good companion to oneself or having a good companion.

Healthy, peaceful living conditions.

What do you think is the best colour to paint your main living space and why that colour? What benefits does it award you?

Mine is a cream/ off-white color. It is neutral and I can decorate/ change my color scheme to any other color I like. It is soothing and doesn’t clashes with any other color.

What do you consider absolutely pointless in life?

Everyone will have a different answer to this question. I feel it is completely pointless to think of ‘ What if’! There are no time machines and no redo buttons in real life. So thinking that if things hadn’t happened this way or that way, some different outcome would have resulted is, in my way of thinking totally futile.

Written for Q&A with Rory



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