Meeting the bar- Memento

The prompt;

Write a free style poetry with a theme about memento, using symbolism as a poetic device.


A small locket, holding a lock of hair

A memento to a love lost not forgotten

It is an emotional need to hold onto things

That reminds us of that golden time gone by

Beautiful memories of the past that evoke a

Nostalgia, a longing that makes the heart ache

A time that can never come back, leaving us

With a memento to remember it by


Another re-share from January 2019.

Written in response to dVerse- Memento, hosted by Grace



54 thoughts on “Meeting the bar- Memento

  1. I visited a home/museum in Wisconson… a lovely image of flowers – some odd material though.
    Apparently it was common in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s to use human hair!

    I think I also read that some soliders wore bracelets of their wives braided hair on their wrists.

    I like that quote…not to change things… but to relive the good thing again.

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              1. I was lucky enough to hear some stories of the little boy who grew up in the house – then (an older man). His family donated the house as a living museum. 🙂 He visited from time to time to enjoy the visitors.

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