A long list of surgeries

This week Fandango asks;

Have you ever fractured a bone (or bones) that was serious enough to require inpatient hospitalization and a post-operative stay in a rehab facility? What bone(s) did you break? How long did it take in rehab (inpatient or at home) before you were back to “normal”? And did you actually achieve the same level of functionality you had prior to the fracture(s)?

I broke 3 bones in my right foot four years ago. Though it was very painful, it didn’t need hospitalization. The surgeon got the X- rays done, set the bones, and put my foot in a cast for 6 weeks. And despite my being 57, the bones healed well. I wrote about the injury here.

Other than this, I have had many bone/joint-related surgeries, resulting in hospitalization, starting from age 19 and the latest being at the age of 60.

The list is as follows;

Medial meniscus right knee at 19

Lateral meniscus right knee at 35

Total knee replacement- right at 50

Total knee replacement- Left at 54

Left foot bone fusion and arch rebuilding at 60

I needed physiotherapy after my knee replacement surgeries but it was done at home. It was arguably the most painful part of the recovery process but was the most helpful too. I used to dread the arrival of the therapist but was very grateful to him in the end.

For my knee replacements, it took around 3 months for me to be fully active. I wouldn’t say back to normal, because before the surgery, my normal was very painful, repeatedly swelling knees!

The foot surgery was the worst and most cumbersome of all the surgeries. It entailed my foot and leg being in a cast for 3 months, out of which for 6 weeks I couldn’t put my left foot on the floor so I had to hop around on my right foot/ leg. Even now I sometimes feel pain when I walk more than 4 miles a day.

My wisest decision was to get my knees replaced when I was young enough to recover completely. It helped me be more active, mobile and achieve the mobility that I lacked when I was suffering from severe joint deterioration because of an inherited condition.


In response to FPQ # 199, hosted by Fandango



54 thoughts on “A long list of surgeries

  1. Now that is an accomplished surgery record Sadje. Sounds like they were all necessary to maintain quality of life. Worth the short term pain and recovery process. I have been lucky with my joints and bones even as I age (except for my self inflicted injuries I wrote about in my #FPQ response.)

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  2. Wow Sadje, you are our bionic wonder woman! wonder how you are walking.. lol
    I broke an arm when I was young, a rib but they hurt like hell but heal in time, I’m sure a toe.. same thing. Suddenly, I’m feeling terrific. You are a walking miracle!! 👏👏👏💗

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  3. Your foot x-ray looks so painful. IF you need to have the pins removed, like my son did, it was easy, painless and he was weight bearing within days. I’ve had two hospitalizations, in 2018 I fell skiing and tore my ACL and meniscus. When I was 20 years old in college, I ran across a street and got hit by a pick-up truck going 40 mph shattering my pelvis. That hurt!

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    1. I might get one nail out but not before one year after surgery. The pelvic fracture must have hurt very badly. Thank goodness for being young and healing well. Take care my friend. Thanks

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          1. It was a tough time. I had to move back home and miss the rest of that quarter of school. When I went back, I was on crutches and pain meds trying to get to classes at the UW. Then I took the prior quarter finals along with the new classes. Needless to say, it didn’t go well! I do feel pain now in rainy cold weather, but it’s not terrible.

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  4. Okay, Sadje, now you’re making me feel like a real wimp for complaining about my fractured hip and partial hip replacement surgery. You’ve got me beat by a mile. Yikes. You’re superwoman!

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    1. Not at all! Yours was an emergency procedure, it gave you no time to mentally prepare yourself for this. Mine were mostly elective so I went in knowing the pain waiting for me there. But thanks for the super woman compliment 💖

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  5. You’re such a strong person to have gone through all that, Sadje. I haven’t broken any bones, yet (not that I’m planning or anything hehe), but my older brother did when he was in high school. He recovered fully from that.

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