Fearing the AI, and other questions from Rory

This Saturday, Rory has these questions for us;

Should we fear the arrival of more progressive AI [Artificial Intelligence] or embrace it?

I think there is only one fear regarding AI; people may altogether forget how to write, and think for themselves. Those who already rely to much upon technology may just abandon the pretense to trying to do things on their own.

As for embracing this technology, most people use their smartphones and by doing so have embraced this already. My only concern would be that we should use our brains to think and act independently of the herd thinking that has taken hold of many societies.

How much time do you spend sitting each day?

A lot of time. Perhaps 30-40 minutes every hour. I’ve started to walk after each meal for 20-30 minutes, walking a total of 3.5-4 miles a day. I am hoping that this will help me achieve the level of fitness that I had at beginning of 2020.

What is your proudest accomplishment?
[Having Children not included]

Aww, you have denied me my greatest achievement! Well, I think my greatest achievement ( other than raising three great human beings) is being a good homemaker, and surviving all that life has thrown my way. And I also consider my blog one of my mentionable achievements!

Are/Were you the youngest, middle, oldest or only child?

I am number 2 in my family. I have one older brother and two younger ones.




36 thoughts on “Fearing the AI, and other questions from Rory

  1. I’m not sure why having children isn’t included. The science alone is an amazing achievement, not to mention the effort in raising and encouraging another individual

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  2. Great answers! The worry about what people will do with innovational advances is real. It seems schools, parents, and even governments could do more to warn and advise the public. Their current disinterest in kids with technology seems ominous, but IMHO has to come from a sense of personal responsibility not from government interfering (by banning or over-regulating) those advances as a “for your own good” measure. That “for your own good” premise is never a ‘healthy’ attitude for government to take. 😉

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