SoCS & JuJoJan- Throw in the towel

I’m not one to easily throw in the towel

There’s a stubborn streak in me that stops me

From giving in, admitting defeat until I’ve given it my best

Be it a difficult life challenge or a simple DIY project

Or perhaps when I’m looking for something I’ve misplaced

It’s not that I’m very egocentric or arrogant

It’s just that I’m a tiny bit mule-headed often

And saying I can’t do it comes hard to me

So I’ll keep on it till I get the job done

Or realize that it IS really beyond me

Then I will throw in the towel, and sponge too!


Your prompt for #JusJoJan the 28th and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “throw in the towel.” Use the phrase “throw in the towel” somewhere in your post. Enjoy!

Written for JusJoJan and SoCS, hosted by Linda



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