A (un) pleasant surprise

There, amidst a clearing in the dark woods, stood a well-lighted building, supporting all the amenities of modern life. Anyone who came upon it accidentally was amazed not only at it well-kept condition but also at the fact that it ppl was not on any map or GPS!

It was a mystery. Who had put this in the middle of the woods and why was it there? Many hikers and passersby used the small cafe to get coffee, or bottled water, or perhaps bought a snack. The toilets were impeccably clean and functional. There were no employees in the cafe, just the vending machines which were kept fully stocked.

Many months passed and one day the serenity of the woods was disturbed when a full squadron of police vehicles surrounded the area.

The locals were shocked to learn that this place was used for drug trafficking where those in the know could buy whichever drug they wanted by using the secret code.

The place was sealed. The hikers and locals still miss the clean toilets.


Written for JusJoJan-Amenities, Prompted by Kim, hosted by Linda

Also included FSS # 81, hosted by Jim this week.



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