I wish I had a grandma who would tell me stories, spoil me

But both of my grandmothers were disciplinarians in their own way

No loving smiles passed my way, no spontaneous hugs given

Always righting my wrongs, full of advice on behavior, deportment

Perhaps they both loved me and thought they might spoil me

If they showed their love too openly it might just go to my head

I have retaliated in the only way I know how

By being the exact opposite of them when it comes to being the grandmother

To my grandkids, I’m the one spoiling them, doting on them, and loving them

After all, a family is blessed with grandparents for this purpose only!


Written for JusJoJan- Family, Prompted by Jill, hosted by Linda

Also included dVerse prompt- Grandmothers, hosted by Sarah




78 thoughts on “Grandma

  1. My grandmothers were not necessarily cuddlers, but their love was obvious. It is so wonderful that you decided to provide something different for your grandchildren. Their life will be ‘softer’ as a result of your love. Lovely prose.

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    1. Thanks Sarah! Yes being friends with my grandkids is a much better way, even if I want to teach them something, it’s done with love and affection.


    1. Thanks Joy. My paternal grandfather was very friendly. No loving hugs there either but he would spend time with us, taught us many card games and chess. He was a font of information too.


  2. Sadje, I am glad you are breaking the intergenerational cycles of trauma. We often become what we hate in our parents and authority figures. Kudos to you. I especially loved the way you expressed yourself. It was prose in poetry or was in poetry in prose. Whatever it was, it was gentle and lovely, a delight to read.

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