Messing it up, always

You aren’t a baby to create such a big mess”, her brother shouted when he saw the condition of the living room.

Natalia scowled at her brother and then looked at the things scattered around her, her eyes widening in acknowledgment of all the untidiness around her; did she do it, she wasn’t sure!

She knew that when she became absorbed in a project, she would lose her perspective of time and space resulting in an unholy mess around her, realizing it only when she was finished or if someone, like her brother, pointed it out to her.

Calmly she turned back to her project, leaving her scowling, angry brother speechless.

She picked up her collage and showed it to her brother and his jaw dropped in amazement; “do you think this can be the deserving cause of all this mess?” she asked with a big smile.

“Who can deny your immense talent Nat, but do try to clean up as you go,” he said in a placating manner, secretly proud of his sister’s skills.


Written for Six Sentence Story- Mess, hosted by Denise



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