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For today’s installment of Blogging Insightsam going with the and format.


Do you write directly on a device? Are you old school, do you write on paper first?Do you re-draft? If so, how many times?


I write my blog posts directly on my WordPress app on my phone. It’s the most convenient way for me. I tried to use my laptop but found the method cumbersome. Perhaps using my phone to blog, deprives me of many features of WordPress but as I find it more convenient to use my phone, I think it’s not a bad deal.

Blogging from my phone, I feel that my thoughts flow more smoothly. I don’t have to capitalize, insert full stops or repeatedly check the grammar while writing. I have Grammarly installed on my phone and after writing my post I run it through that app to fix any mistakes I’ve made.

I’ve seldom redrafted my posts. If it’s something that I want to submit for publication ( though none has been accepted yet) I do try to make it free of mistakes and spend more time on it.

For me, blogging is an expression of my spontaneous thoughts. That’s why I never wrote it on paper first. What I write to be posted on my blog, comes directly from my mind to my blog. And though I usually write my posts a day or two ahead, I write them in one sitting, SoCS style and in a short time.

We all have a different way of writing. Mine works for me because it’s convenient for me. But it may not work for someone else. The most important thing about hobby blogging is that it should be easy and fun.

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73 thoughts on “My writing method

  1. I also update my blog spontaneously even if it takes hours most times to still my mind but I don’t think I can work any other way, I want my blog to be as original as it can be so I just let the words flow from my mind to my page, it’s working so far and I hope it continues working.

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                    1. That’s a bit puzzling. We have had it for a couple of years now. Since the phones have started offering this option. It’s safer if only your face can open the app.

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  2. Grammarly is very helpful, autocorrect not so much. I really struggle to use the app on my phone. It misbehaves, doesn’t let me comment on other people’s posts without opening chrome, all sorts. I’ve seen the new jetpack one but not tested yet. KL ❤️

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            1. iPhone and android both have the provision of this method. You chose this option in settings and when writing, swipe your finger from one letter to the next. The device will recognize the word and type it out. It get a little while to get used to it but it saves time. And no it’s not a stupid question at all. If my daughter hadn’t told me about it, I’d be in the same situation. If my explanation isn’t clear, you can Google it too.

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  3. I find it amazing that one can blog from their phone. It’s not that I can’t but I feel it would take me forever because I’ve typed on a keyboard for years. Perhaps, I’ll give it try. It’s the convenience that matters.

    I love Grammarly. I receive a report from them every now and then (I use the free Grammarly), and obviously, they don’t understand poetry or slang or lack of punctuation. If they record every keystroke, it seems everything we type is on the world wide web anyway so I’m not worried about it I’ll check and see if there are any red flags relating to Grammarly.

    Your methods work well for you, Sadje, and I always enjoy your blogs.

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    1. Sometimes I feel as if i am shirking the blogging process, but blogging from my phone is so convenient that going back and trying to use the laptop would be a hassle. I have no idea about Grammarly saving our keystrokes! And frankly, for someone not living in America, it feels that we aren’t important enough for them to be bothered about us.

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      1. If blogging from your phone suits you, then enjoy it. It seems many do because of the convenience.

        This is an excerpt from an article I read dated Dec. 2022
        “Is Grammarly safe and secure?
        Many people are concerned about whether their work is protected by Grammarly or not.
        Grammarly will save your work on its servers so they can access to proofread it. Once the file is deleted from your account, it also gets deleted from their server too. Earlier in 2018, Grammarly faced some major issues with its data protection and bugs, but its support team responded quickly to them and swiftly dealt with them.”
        But, then we never know for sure, do we?

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        1. Thanks Eugi for this info. Perhaps people who are writing for publications should worry about their work being saved on Grammarly. Our posts are already published on our blogs.

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  4. It’s nice to know I am not alone. I am impatient so typing on my phone and posting the first draft has been my modus operandi. I too use Grammarly for proofreading as I tend to make numerous mistakes. I liked your reminder “to keep it fun and simple to do.”

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  5. Good post Sadje. Your way of writing is different from mine, I prefer the old school old fashioned way of writing because it is convenient for me and it helps me to create blogs easily✔

    I don’t like using the smartphone to write first rather I start with my notepad 📓 or pen and paper📜 to think clearly about that topic then after start writing or drafting on WordPress.

    Have a great weekend👏

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  6. 1st of all, I love the featured image. 2nd, I love your blogging method. For me, I sometimes write and post in the same day and sometimes I write in installments. Sometimes I write directly on WordPress and sometimes on my phone notes app. Sometimes I record my voice to be transcribed then copy to WordPress. On the posts that require research, I make an outline on paper then write on WordPress. And I use my phone not laptop to read and write blogs.

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