Bends his head

Change, Adapt, Bend so as not to be broken. Let opportunity guide your actions.” ~ Wayne Gerard Trotman.

The crimson blushing sky heralds nightfall

It’s not the time for eternal sleep yet

There are many tasks to be finished until then

The lone wolf stands and keeps guard

Rare shells scattered on the shoreline

He sees the keeper of the secrets approach

And bends its head in acquiescence

Now the duty entrusted to him is done

He retreats and leaves others to complete

The mission that was of utmost importance


I’m re-Sharing this poem written for daily prompts in 2019.

Written for;Weekend Challenge from GC and Sue W – BEND.



65 thoughts on “Bends his head

    1. Thanks a lot Dora. It was written in response to 5-6 daily prompts. I’d try to write something which would include all the words but in a meaningful way. Some of the poems/ posts turned out very well.


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