Paintbrush strokes

Holding the paintbrush like a weapon

You attack the set tradition, ideals and norms

The picture you painted shakes the foundations

Of the preconceived notions of what is beautiful

People shun you at first till someone recognizes

The talent behind your colorful creation

Now they all flock to your exhibitions

Trying to get a glimpse of you

Or a chance to talk to you!


Written for JusJoJan- Paintbrush, Prompted by Paula , hosted by Linda



42 thoughts on “Paintbrush strokes

  1. Umm– hello000, you used FLOCK beautifully. Yay. That must count for the other day’s prompt too. I remember you saying it was hard to come by, Well, dear lady, you did it. And paintbrush too. Wonderful. Oh well, anyway, thanks for sharing, dear Sadje. Blessing you.

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