Sunday Poser # 116

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

As a child did you listened to your parents? Was mom/dad always right?

I saw this image some time back and have always wondered if we all thought the same;

This meme talks just about moms but fathers are also included in this struggle we have with parental authority as we are growing up. As a child, I only had my father. I did have a stepmom but she wasn’t involved in our upbringing or training. I was a good kid. I never went against my father’s wishes, never got angry with him, or showed my resentment towards him. He was the ideal parent. My brothers weren’t that nice. There were some storms, shouting, and disobedience where they were concerned, especially my eldest brother.

When my kids got to preteen/ teenage, they had issues with both my and my husband’s authority. Perhaps it is a generational thing. Now they all are 30+, with kids of their own, and have come to acknowledge that they have parents that care about them genuinely.

If you can, do share how it was for you when you were growing up; did you always listen to your parents and accepted their authority?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

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69 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 116

  1. I have always been in a zone where I think my parents are always right, it might not be true for everyone and in every case as they are also learning and growing as parents with us😊

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  2. I did not always listen to or respect my parents because they were often WRONG. I do not agree with obeying authority just because it’s there. I brought my girls up differently and respected their right to believe as they wished. It worked out much better that way. They certainly are not clones of me, and I wouldn’t want that!

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    Lol, that’s what I say to my girls now.

    I grew up in a home where culture and religion was important, so naturally respect came first.

    Being only sisters, 4 that is, I’m thankful that my dad did not use religion and culture to tie us down. He was quite clever you see. He used it as a tool, not a weapon, and that served to guide us well. We respected and were respected in return.

    LOL doesn’t mean he was perfect 😁far from it but he encouraged us to voice our opinions in the correct manner.
    I’d say he equipped us (as women) well for this world.

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  4. My dad was in the Navy and we were brought up with very strict discipline. We were physically punished and questions were asked later … I still have physical scars from some of the assaults. I also observed where my dad would not treat my mum with respect and I vowed never to allow a man to treat me the same way. I never had kids, but hope I would have been different from my parents. I know my brother has, when I’ve observed how he interacts with his (now adult) boys. There seems to be much more mutual respect and they have a more equal relationship – more adult.

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  5. I was considered the black sheep of the family, so no, I didn’t listen to my parents. But looking back, it’s good that I didn’t because I probably would have turned out just like them if I had. That would have meant I was creating the next generation of dysfunctional people.

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  6. My son was a nightmare, and still is. Both him and my daughter listened when they wanted to, I, on the other hand, knew better not to listen to my father. That would not end well for anyone.

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  8. I was a spoiled brat by my dad as a kid so mom did most of the discipline. I got spanked more often than my older brothers did but as I became a teen, I was more mellow and mom didn’t have problems with me. My brothers were the one’s who did some rebelling but my parents were able to manage it, thankfully 🙂

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  9. The meme is very accurate, Sadje! It sure is very common for children at some point in their lives to grow wary of their parents’ constant display of having the upper hand and gradually break apart. But then they may come to understand their parents better as they get older themselves and feel that they can not only become close to them but also be on equal terms.

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  10. I believe parenting – and listening by children is very much generational. I think in my grandparents day no one argued with parents. Well they might have but perhaps not as much as ‘we’ (now in our 50’s and 50’s may have confronted out parents. And our children’s children – that’s a different ball of wax all together.

    I had three mothers… one I didn’t really know, one that left and one that was almost young enough to be sister…

    My hubby and I were mostly on the same page with our teens, who now as adults get along well. I raised my grands until they were in full time K. I had to be the rule maker…

    Now though I only help out when asked and don’t offer advice unless asked. We had a joke – passed down… “Just wait until you have children of your own…” – that only came true for one child. But each must make their own choices. As we now in our retirement years need to remember the lessons we learned both as teens, young parents and now as elders. 🙂

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