Seasonal foods

I live in a country where all fruits are vegetables aren’t available all through the year.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are fresh and cheap. Out-of-season fruits and vegetables are from cold storage and are quite expensive. So we usually buy seasonal fruits veggies and enjoy them to the fullest till they are in season. Other than fresh produce, we have other seasonal dishes too.

In winter, the most famous and popular dishes are;

Carrot halva, mustard greens cooked as saag and served with roti made of corn flour. We also make halvas out of split chickpeas flour, squash, and pumpkins in winter.

In summer we go for light, low-calorie foods like fruit salads or dahi bhalas, a dish made of spicy yogurt and lentil dumplings. Our favorite drinks are lemonade, rooh afza ( a traditional drink made from fruit extract and sugar), and sweetened chia seed drink. Chat, a mixture of boiled chickpeas, potatoes, raw onions, tomatoes, and chilies is also very popular.

What are your seasonal foods?

Written for JusJoJan- Seasonal, Prompted by Kaye, hosted by Linda



55 thoughts on “Seasonal foods

  1. We mostly have everything all the time here in California, though cherries and strawberries are best in spring/summer. Oh, peaches and nectarines are hard to find in the winter. I am mindful of prices, so I try to buy produce that’s more “in season” and abundant…

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  2. I think, as in America, in the UK we can get most things throughout the year … either imported or grown in poly-tunnels/greenhouses.

    Seasonal produce in the UK can be limited in the winter … root vegetables, cabbage. Lots of soups and stews. I’m actually making a dish I grew up with … mince (but turkey rather than beef), carrots, onions and mushrooms. Spring… I guess, more cabbage in the form of spring greens, lamb. Summer – lots of berries – raspberries, strawberries, cherries (really limited season in the UK) – I’m saying UK, but this might be Scotland. Autumn – apples, pears, plums .. im sure there are other things, but its what springs to mind.

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  3. Sounds yummy! For me it’s soups, stews, and root vegetables in the winter. Rhubarb in the spring and fresh salad fixings for the summer. Fall is perfect for apples and squash. We can get most anything year round here, but out of season foods just don’t have the same flavor. 💞

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  4. A very beneficial and inspirational post Sadje. More people should buy seasonal vegetables and fruits more than out of season vegetables. One of the reasons for the allotment is to grow more seasonal vegetables and look at out of seasons on our own terms and what can live and survive the local environment.

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  5. all your foods are making my mouth water! Where I live there’s no seasonal foods, more like festive foods. Some foods we will only prepare at specific times. We don’t have seasonal produce as everything can grow all year round due to our tropical climate.

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