As the morning arrives

The image is from the WordPress Free Media Library from Pexels.

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows an unmade bed in the foreground, behind which is a table with a white tablecloth with a laptop, a set of headphones, a smartphone, a camera lense cap, and a table lamp sitting on it. Behind the table is what appears to a mirrored wardrobe.


Getting up early in the morning wasn’t her natural inclination, but the job called. Last night her computer crashed and trying to fix it was so frustrating that she felt like hurling it from the parapet of the bridge near her apartment. But she realized that it was not hers to do what she liked, it was company property and her boss would hound her for destroying the company property and would demand justice by deducting its cost from her salary.

Today was the day that she’d been hoping would arrive for a long time. She had planned every detail and had set the trap with the appropriate bait. Now she just had to make the computer start and load up the files and she would have that criminal in her grip.

She was sure that a promotion would be her reward to catch this man who had so many cyber crimes to his credit. And the beauty of the trap laid for him was that she didn’t had to get involved personally in it.

She made herself a cup of coffee and waited patiently. It was almost time!


Written in response to FFFC # 202, hosted by Fandango

Also included Greg’s 5 words weekly





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