Is there a trick to looking healthy and staying young?

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I truly believe this as I practiced it myself. Learning new things not only kept me informed all through my life but also kept my mind active. Learning also has the added advantage of driving away ignorance and arrogance. See how many benefits are there to keep on gaining knowledge all through your life.

Lucy was the epitome of a comic with elan and style. She rose to popularity when there were few, if any women in this field. She was never afraid to make herself look and act like a fool. It was the most endearing of her traits. And this advice is so spot on. Living honestly, and eating slowly would definitely make you age slowly. And when someone remarks that you don’t look your age, do agree with them ( tongue in cheek)

They say,

You’re only as old as you feel

Who are we to dispute this truth

You can be old at thirty and young at sixty

Ignore the aching bones and creaking joints

Laugh with joy at being alive and being able to do so

Life is a gift to be savored and enjoyed till we’re alive


Written for;WQ #3: Best Tip to Look Younger and Stay Healthier, hosted by Marsha



52 thoughts on “Is there a trick to looking healthy and staying young?

    1. I fully agree VJ. It’s young at heart that matters, for you do look our age no matter how fit we are. It’s just a question of time. I too admire people who accept their age with grace.

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  1. To every person, sun rises then sets. From a newborn to a full grown up, then unstoppable aging. From here, you can pass on peacefully. The issue of remaining younger throughout isn’t there. When you advance in age, accept the reality and eat well.

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