How to avoid boredom

People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day!” – A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh.

Do you ever get bored?

Many people ask me this because I am an empty-nester and don’t have a job. I often volunteer to look after my grandkids or stay with my elder daughter, but I still have no fixed responsibilities to occupy my daytime. 

But I am never bored. I learned long ago to amuse myself. I like my own company. There are many ways to pass my time pleasantly without turning to boardgames, which are not a solitary pursuit. 

Growing up, first I used to watch my grandfather playing solitaire with a real deck of cards for hours. And later my father playing solitaire on his computer ( pc). So I’ve inherited this talent to have a good time with myself as company. 

Blogging, reading or playing games on my phone are a few of my pass times. So who has the time to get bored?


A re-share of my post from August 2022, in response to Weekly Prompt- Bored from Sue W and GC



51 thoughts on “How to avoid boredom

  1. I too am seldom bored. Moments of boredom are not a bad thing, though. When we were kids, in a world that was safer for us to navigate, boredom inspired exploration. Today, kids complain about boredom a lot. Well, IMHO that comes from childhood taking an ugly turn from exploration to entertainment. We used to be inspired to entertain ourselves. Now, it’s something that the ‘world’ is expected to provide. So sad and tragic for our future.

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  2. I get bored at times, but it doesn’t last too long. I always manage to occupy my time and mind with something constructive. Great topic, Sadje!

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  3. Bored??? Boredom??? What’s that? Last time I was bored was 61 years ago — I was 10 years old — and I was confined to a hospital bed without even any books to read! Since then I have never once been bored!

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