W3 # 38- Computer generated prompts

A unique prompt from Denise DeVries this week;

Using some type of computer aid, write the first line of a poem. Then, follow it with between two and 18 of your own lines. You may use one of the links below or another site you like. Tell us which tool you chose.

  1. Random Word Generator
  2. Word Contraction Generator
  3. Poem Generator

I generated this poem using the last device, poem generator;

Guests laugh wild and fierce
Silver lines before the dawn
Ants march voiceless now

All night revelries, 
men and beasts acting strangely
the insects quiet spectators
Day reluctantly dawned 
excesses have taken their toll
hosts and guests all withdrawn
Resolves made to avoid 
participation in such celebrations
no, never ever again!


This is what I can come up with. Reads weird to me. What do you think?



65 thoughts on “W3 # 38- Computer generated prompts

  1. This is a lovely piece but I must be living in the dark. I find this disturbing that computers are now composing poetry. You are doing this as an exercise and of course being honest about what you are doing. What is to keep people from saying computer generated poetry is not their own. Your lines were beautiful by the way but I find this to be disturbing. I am curious about what other people think? I liked the lines the computer did as well. I must be living in the dark. Have a blessed day. 🦋🌹

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    1. Thanks a lot! This was the prompt. I never had used this sort of device before but the results are interesting. Not very coherent but unique. There are now apps based on AI which can write posts/ stories too.


    2. Absolutely agree with you, Joni. I was just saying how I had experience with this type of writing in a group I belonged to and it was not for me. I found it off-putting and disingenuous. There are so many different types of programs of this sort. A friend told me of one that uses the predictive keypad on computers and phones! The poems were horrible, as you can imagine, and made no sense, but there were professors at a colleges who read the poems not knowing how they were written and raved about them. To me it’s like looking at a painting of a straight line and praising its originality. Some things have gone too far for my taste. 🐘 💫

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      1. Amen, we are killing our animals, forests, potable water sources, and our oceans. Now we are going to kill our words that live and breathe inside of us. Unbelievable and yes I am definitely with you. 🦋🌹❤️

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    1. You make a joke, Cindy, but I think it’s a very good point. Personally, I am not wild about computer generated poem. I belonged to a writing group that occasionally used different types of computer generators and while there was a certain quirkiness to it and fun at first, it was not my thing. Others enjoy it and that’s great; I prefer the old fashioned way ❣️

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      1. Well when I saw all of the things that could obsolete us come out at first, I learned that you can not obsolete human kindness and shared hearts and I’ve never been much affected but I do think we have to preserve our hearts and minds. I’m sure it could be fun but like you say, different strokes for different folks Nanc! ❣️

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  2. I’m in awe. That machines can do that! They must have fed tons of literature to a machine to be able to do that– golly. And the way I feel is that we will amount to naught if we try to compete with machines. Smart machines. How could we beat a computer? Can’t! I liked the poems that resulted form your experiment, though and I am perplexed that I liked them. Someone save me! I want to know that a blood and flesh human is writing things I read. Always. Not machines. But after this, I cannot tell the difference and that makes me mad. Angry even. Thanks, Sadje.

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  3. Weird is all in the eye, Sadje. No two people will see the same thing or have the same thoughts. I think what you came up with is quite unique and very interesting, and to me unique is very distinctive … not just a word to use when you do know what else to say.

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  4. This brings fantastical images for me like something out of a fantasy novel… Like.. Narnia or something… I think you really made something beautiful and creative out of the original 3 lines, which I would have found hard to work with! I don’t think I would have even attempted this, TBH.


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