Cut and paste

Writing for my blog, I often come across prompts and topics that I have written about before.

If that former post was published more than a year ago and had had few views and comments, I find it a good option to repost it with the added statement that people may have seen/ read this post before as it is a re-share.

I have written more than 7000 posts in little over 4 years and it’s probable that I have written on many of the oft repeated prompts, and since I tend to write on similar lines, writing a new post seems a waste of effort.

So I search for an appropriate post, open it in browser view ( you cannot copy the whole of the post in block-editor mode if you open it on your site) and copy the parts I require and paste them onto my new post.

This serves a twofold purpose, one I re-share something written with effort and love, again and secondly, the old post gets a new airing.

Do you re-share/repost your older post ?


In response to Six Sentence Story- Paste, hosted by Denise



89 thoughts on “Cut and paste

  1. No I don’t re-share/repost my older stuff, but I do have a tab on my blog that is “Best Of” so some posts end up there. Of course I’m not as prolific as you with lots of past posts from which to choose. That would make a difference.

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  2. Yes, I do this quite often. Since I’ve been blogging for at least 10 years I have lots I posted that early on didn’t get noticed so I’ll post again maybe with a title change or more or less photos. Or I’ll take bits of several posts to make a new one. We get new followers all the time that have not seen much of our writing, so it’s new to them. 🙂

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  3. Sometimes I do Sadje! 👍😁 Especially if it’s an anniversary of an event i wrote a poem or blog post about. Like you, I find it helpful especially if new followers haven’t read it! 📖😁

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  4. I don’t tend to share old posts, I think I’ve only done it a couple of times on Anniversary posts. I keep meaning to have a look through and tidy up some of my older posts, clear the clutter but it’s finding time. 🙃 Great six Sadje. You’ve got us all thinking. KL ❤️

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  5. I think there was only once that I reposted the same poem, but it was two years old and I have a different audience now. There was one article that I updated and added more to it and then posted that. With the additions, it was basically a different article.

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  6. I’m only 6 months into blogging, but yes I have reshaped a couple. One was just last week as it ties in with a current series I’m writing/posting.

    Also as I write about study skills and there will be new students every year, I plan to revise and repost the study skills posts from August

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  7. It is difficult for me to do that with my art creations.
    However, after reading your impressive count of posts, I do believe you may want to consider a separate section (not necessarily titled Best of) where you will exhibit posts that have a deep foot3, for one reason or another.
    Write on, Sadje!✒

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  8. Hi Sadje, yes, on my other site (which is an image-based archive) I often re-post an old picture. WordPress blocks editor is horrible for copy/paste of text (and most other things imo), but at least with pictures it’s direct from the image library.

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  9. This is an interesting question, Sadje. I have reposted my older posts for two reasons:
    #1) I am reminded of a previously written post that would fit a photo or word prompt;
    #2) During this past December, all my posts were older holiday themed stories. The reason for this was twofold: I had acquired many new followers who were unfamiliar with my early stories and this gave them a chance to read them; also, I wanted to dedicate my time during December to writing new stories for 2023 and for a new project I will be revealing in March of this year.
    Other than those two reasons, I do not re-post stories. I am tempted sometimes but I have never given in. 💫

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  10. Yes, I share older posts. I may or may not make alterations and then publish them as a new post. I like the idea because we have new and different followers. All of my posts in Ongoing Whimsy are posts I previously published on Go Dog Go Cafe. Since they were no longer gathering attention and I am no longer involved in the cafe, I created a new blog for them.

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  11. “re-share something written with effort and love, again and secondly, the old post gets a new airing” I try try & try hard to do this. Especially since the first things I posted received next to no views. But then in most cases, I delete or put the first post as private. I don’t know if this is the right way, but that’s how I feel I should do it. See, I don’t know what I’m doing here!! But I want to be here.
    Thanks for always being a source of inspiration. You seem to be endowed with more hours in a day than me– Or perhaps I waste too much time doing small things.
    Thanks, Sadje. Blessings.

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  12. I write something (at least one new thing posted) daily. I’m sure I have some repeats. The only thing I copy and paste is links to info, prompt info, and images. I like that you are able to give new life to some of your older posts. Continued success in working your blog your way! 💗

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      1. At one point I had four blogs…Much easier with one. But still sometimes now that it seems like I have less ‘computer’ time it can seem overwhelming. But I cut down on the prompts I play with and try my best to answer all visitors. 🙂

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  13. I have only re-shared a post a few times. Guess I should do it more often, because there are certainly posts on my blog that crack ME up every time; maybe a new audience would enjoy them, too!

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