Something to awaken your interest!


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A few days back I wrote a poem about the mundane killing our interest and challenges awakening it.

To pique the interest of someone reading this post, I’d try to use language that is clear and precise. I would share my experiences to engage them and lastly, I’d keep my posts short to make reading them a pleasure, not a chore.

Enlightenment is the key

That broadens our horizons

Seek the light and don’t live

A life overshadowed by ignorance

Stepping out of the comfort zone is the first step towards gaining knowledge. All sources of knowledge challenge our preconceived ideas. Be it formal education, or learning through practical experience, we need to open our minds so that we can absorb new information, ideas, and concepts. The desire to know and understand is what keeps us motivated to learn.


Written in response to WQ# 2, Pique interest, hosted by Marsha



32 thoughts on “Something to awaken your interest!

  1. Your thoughts reverberate in my mind. “Use language that is clear and precise. I would share my experiences to engage them,” and keep it short. I battle with all three suggestions whenever I write.

    Keep learning through formal or practical education. Preach it, sista! 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot Marsha for your encouraging words. I post many times a day so I keep them short. As for sharing personal experiences, I learned this during the last A to Z challenge that people are interested in them.

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