Is optimism toxic?

I am an incurable optimist!

Some people call being always optimistic as toxic positivity. Do I agree with it? 

Perhaps, but it would be toxic if I try to force others to see things from my point of view. And I do admit that when my children were younger, I used to try to convince them that things aren’t as black as they thought they were. But now I’ve learned to let other people be however they like. 

My own strength lies in my optimistic way of looking at life, always hoping for the best and pragmatically accepting things as they happen. I never pretend that everything is just wonderful or perfect, but I see things as they are and try to find positives in any situation that befalls me or those who are dear to me. I guess making the best of a bad circumstance is also ingrained into my personality. 

To me, the optimist is the one who is a realist with hope alive in their hearts. They don’t see everything through rose-colored glasses but are hopeful to find positives in any given situation!

Are you an optimist? How do you deal with life’s disappointments?

Written for JusJoJan- Optimism, Prompted by June, hosted by Linda



76 thoughts on “Is optimism toxic?

  1. Profound words…”To me, the optimist is the one who is a realist with hope alive in their hearts. They don’t see everything through rose-colored glasses but are hopeful to find positives in any given situation!” Perfectly said, Sadje! The more we search for those positives, those little lights in the dark, the more we train our eyes to see them! LOVE this! 💞💞💞

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  2. I believe everyone has their own way of dealing with things and plus it all depends on what you are going thru and mostly how you see it to be because in reality we view life or set judgment based on our experiences and emotions. Sometimes being optimistic is a better way to keeping yourself in check and not stress about things

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  3. I agree with this post entirely, Sadje. Thank you for a thought provoking post. My girls used to call me an optimist too. I suppose as a mother, you always want them to know that all is not lost. I believe I’m a realist. I believe in positive thinking and hoping for the best but I also believe in accepting the truth, however hard it may be and finding a solution.

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  4. I don’t think it’s a choice. Optimism, as well as pessimism, are ingrained traits, imo. I knew two brothers, brought up the same, and one turned out cheerful and hopeful while the other was a gloom and doomer. For me, I’m a mix of optimism and pessimism, depending on the issue and the day…

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  5. I love your definition of an optimist. I’m an optimist too, though I wouldn’t class myself as a realist. I’m a dreamer living with a ridiculous amount of hope. There are definitely ups and downs to that.

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  6. I am not an optimist, but I’m not a pessimist. I think you could call me pragmatic and skeptical — and occasionally deeply disappointed. I get discouraged but always have a tiny flame of hope. Is it true? Maybe not, but without that flame, life wouldn’t be worth living.

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  7. “I’m interested in life”— Many times, I dream, I plan, and act on it, other times, I accept and appreciate my life the way it’s.
    My plans include “some don’ts” too, which I learn from the experiences of doing things.🙂

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