Heed the warning

“Remember that life’s big changes rarely give advance warning. ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

This week, the Weekend Challenge from partner GC and me is the word Warning.

The sky is overcast heavily. The clouds are threatening and dark. It may bring the much-awaited rain but Kelvin was experiencing a foreboding feeling in his heart. With a sudden loud clap of thunder fat drops of rain started to fall on the ground. Kelvin took to the shelter of his porch and was still staring worriedly at the sky.

The rain continued with increasing intensity and it became apparent that this was not the healing and reviving rain that the farmers were hoping for. This was fast turning into a furious storm, lashing with high winds. Nature was not in a giving mood. It was going to wash away the newly planted crops and with it all the money and time these hardworking men had put in. This was so sad as they had high hopes of a good crop this year. The previous year’s crops were ruined by the dry season and now this!

How he wished that when the scientists and weather experts were warning them all to take steps to save the planet from the extreme weather changes, someone had listened. For it seems that things were beyond repair.


I’m sharing this post from 2018!

Written in response to;Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Warning, hosted by Sue W and GC



49 thoughts on “Heed the warning

  1. I’ll echo that. Inevitably, just when you think you’ve gotten life under control, it reminds you that control is what you think you have, but life is never really under your control. It’s just when things are going well, you feel that way. It’s just never really true. There are always bumps ahead.

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  2. I was listening to a podcast… in a friends car – there is a company that is trying to make weather predicting an almost instantaious thing. They are doing that by putting up their own sattelites to gather information. I’m not sure when that app will be out. But they have enough investors to get all their equiptment up in about 3-5 years I think.

    This piece also reminds me of some of the bio-dome experiments… trying to live in a bi0-dome without outside help for a year or so. I think at least one failed because of secreted outside assistance.

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                  1. Some trees are budding – Fruit trees can bud three times. But only the first budding will produce fruit. After that only leaves. And after the third time (if it has been too cold) the fruit tree might die. Which is why in some orchards there are barrels for ‘fire’ pits to help keep the air around the trees warm.

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