Before afterlife

Jim says; For Friday Faithfuls this week I would like to know;

How prepared you are for the end?

I don’t find anything morbid in the subject of dying. This is the only certainty in life. Whoever is born will die one day and being prepared for this is only practical.

Do you hate talking about your death and are you planning to postpone all the decisions and leave them up to somebody else?

I am not afraid to talk about death. Sometimes my family doesn’t like me discussing it but one should be practical.

Have you made any arrangements that will determine what you would want to happen when you die?

When a Muslim man or woman dies, the arrangements are quite simple. A small piece of land is purchased in the graveyard for a small amount. The body is given a bath according to Muslim tradition and then wrapped in one single piece of white cotton cloth it is put directly in the grave. The burial should be performed as soon as possible, usually on the day of death.

If you can no longer take care of yourself, would you like to live in a nursing home or receive in-home care from a caregiver?

I hope that I never get to the stage where I am dependent upon someone else to take care of me physically or emotionally/ mentally. Over here in our culture, the family takes care of the aging/ elderly/ sick parents. A nurse/ caregiver might be hired to help the family in looking after the patient.

Do you have a will, and do you know how you want your assets to be distributed?

Things are quite straightforward in my religion. When I die, my belongings/ assets will be divided among my family according to Islamic law. Every family member has a fixed share and unless I will it otherwise, things will be divided according to the ‘Sharia law’.

If Do you have life insurance, and do you think it is enough to take care of your final expenses?

No I don’t have life insurance, but the expenses of funeral and burial aren’t that much that people need extra money for it.

Do you want a big funeral? Have you decided where you will be buried, or if you want to be cremated, or if you are donating your body to science? Will you be writing your own eulogy?

I find it amusing to think I’d ‘want a big funeral’! When a person dies, family and friends are informed of it. Whoever wants to come and be a part of it will come and join in. The main aim of the funeral is to offer prayers to the Almighty Allah for the forgiveness of the deceased.

There is no eulogy read at a Muslim funeral and Muslims are always buried, no cremation is allowed. As for donating my body to science, there are a lot of metal parts in my body so I don’t think there will be much use for it for other living people.


In response to Friday Faithfuls, hosted by Jim



43 thoughts on “Before afterlife

  1. At least it’s not costly like the US to get buried. I told my daughter do the cheapest thing and no public announcement. I hate wasting money to make someone else rich as in this case. And prepaid, Ha! They charge you the difference of the current fees at time of burial. What a joke!

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      1. I talked to mom when I last visited her. My brother asked me to talk about things post death. Very uncomfortable but it was nice to get her clear choices. She also has a signed directive. But my brother was calling me with all sorts of small details nobody was aware of.

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