W3 # 37- Dreams

Sarah’s prompt guidelines

Write a poem:

  • Of 14 or fewer lines;
  • On the theme of “dreams”


The waking hours are taken up by practical thoughts

The conversations we have the task we are entrusted with

The mind is too busy assimilating what to do and what to say

It’s the nighttime when the mind is free to wander in the ether

Desires and wishes, fears and apprehension all come to fore

Suppressed wants and hidden yearning takes the form of dreams

A colorful kaleidoscope of swirling images both pleasing and disturbing

Invade the brain while our bodies let go of conscious restrains

Some dreams we recall perfectly, vividly after awakening

Others are lost immediately, just leaving their impression behind

Deciphering dreams is not a task in everyone’s knowledge

Better let them go, to the ether they come from


Written in response to W3- Dreams, hosted by David



39 thoughts on “W3 # 37- Dreams

  1. Releasing them back to the wild ether is best…some are downright jumbled, not sure I’d WANT to know what message they are trying to relay! Love the kaleidoscope visual, Sadje, beautifully written! 💞💞💞

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