Reversal of fortune

Do you think that fortunes can be reversed

That a beggar can become the king one day

Can the lowly crawling insect can soar in the sky

Can we change our destiny?

Knowledge and hard work hold the key

Of changing the course of one’s life

Of reversing the predictable pattern

For what future holds is not known to anyone

You too have heard of and seen these people

Who have through the dint of their hard work

Changed the course of their careers, lives

This reversal of fortunes is an inspiration to us all!


While writing this poem, I was thinking of a widowed woman who used to work as a cook in my grandfather’s house. Through her hard work and some help from my grandfather, all her kids roses high in society. One of her daughters is a doctor while her son is a commissioned officer in the Army.

Written for JusJoJan- Reversal, Prompted by Sadje ( me), hosted by Linda



53 thoughts on “Reversal of fortune

  1. Fortunes can be changed…gained or lost, sometimes by our actions, sometimes by things out of our control. What a wonderful part your grandfather’s actions had to play in that cook’s family 💞💞💞

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  2. Interesting question about destiny. I know that if you give into the idea that you’re destined to be a failure you will become one, so I suppose if you decide that you’ll overcome your destiny you will. Like the widowed woman you mention. Point of view influences actions.

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    1. I do believe in fate/ destiny but not that it sets us up for success or failure. I believe we make our own luck by what we do in life. Our fate only determines where we are meant to be or with whom.

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  3. Some say that everything is fate, Others say that everything is in our own hands
    And some say that what we call good and bad are our own repercussions. They come into our lives rails on which our lives run like a train: We experience these repercussions of past positive and negative actions, in thoughts, words, and deeds, as we sit on this train, high and low, up and down, joy and sorrow as an echo of past time, of our own causes. But in between, we have a free will that, though constrained by this echo of the past, still leaves us free to make the right or wrong decision at important forks in our lives. If we work hard not only for ourselves but for the benefit of others as a service to humanity, this will produce good fruit. And if our service is not subject to ego and pride, then this fruit will bear fruit that has no echo in it, but blossoms like flowers in the garden of God.

    All the best, my friend and thank you for sharing your profound words 🙂

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    1. Thanks Didi for sharing your profound thoughts. I think your analysis is quite right as it’s all a combination of our actions, their repercussions and what The Higher Power has fated for us.

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      1. Dear Sadje,

        Then the higher power in this case is the Law of Karma that is like a mirror of our own thoughts, words, and deeds. There are two divine Laws: The Law of Karma (cause and effect or action and reaction) and the Law of Grace. We would not come away from this Coming and Going in this or that form, it would not even be possible to return to our real Home, if there would be only the Law of Karma, but the Law of Grace, His Grace, is a huge help for our souls, it can bring us back to our Home Eternal. So it is important for all of us to change our angle of view, to devleop a deeper understanding, to gain more consciousness. The ancient Greeks speak of it: “Gnothi seauton” – “Man know thyself”. The problem already starts here that we think we know us, but in fact we do not really know us: We do not question us why we do what we think, what we speak – we don’t look at the motives behind what our own mind is hiding – in this way with, a kind of self-analysis, we can learn to understand the tricks of our own mind and thus prevent it from presenting us with fruits (reactions of our thinking, saying, and doing) that entail certain consequences. In this way, we can then be the master builder of our own future and steer our mind in a direction that suits us. But it is the mind that directs and controls us because we have not learned to look deeper into ourselves.

        I wish you a pleasant day and all that is good for you.

        Kind regards

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