You lead, I follow

Not everyone is a leader that we should follow.

Children follow their moms everywhere, copying them and their gestures consciously and subconsciously, because for them parents/ moms are their role models.

As we grow up, we develop values and morals and then we start looking for different role models that are ideal in every way, and we seek to emulate them because we want to be like them.

As a nation we want good leaders to follow, those who have high principles, and we want them to lead our nation to a better place, both economically and socially.

How successful are we in finding good leadership in our personal life or as a nation, it all depends on our expectations!

If we compromise on our high standards, we are likely to end up with leaders which are below par and would lead us towards moral decline rather than elevation.

Written for Six Sentence Story- Lead, hosted by Denise



62 thoughts on “You lead, I follow

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I think the ‘profession ‘ has an image problem and it seems that those with sound moral and ethical values aren’t attracted to politics. I can understand why many people don’t vote. I’m not sure what the alternatives

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  1. Well said, Sadje. Morality and ethics seem to be in short supply, especially as people rise higher in power and status. Frightening for our future if something doesn’t change.

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  2. Sometimes, even if you find good leaders, the opposition will not let them do what is good for the nation. They think that they should oppose everything being in the opposite party.

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