Change of direction in Blogging Insights!

Dr. Tanya asks;

After 65 episodes of the quote format, I’ve decided to change things again. I’m thinking of doing a ‘mixed bag’ this time. It will be quotes some weeks and questions for others. Maybe some episodes could be a single topic for general discussion.

What do you think ? I would love to know.

Advice on questions or topics to be discussed is very welcome. I look forward to your feedback in the form of comments or new posts.


Humans have a tendency to get bored with things and their sameness if continued for a long time. We crave freshness and change. So it is very understandable that to maintain freshness in this series, some changes should be implemented.

I fully endorse this new idea of mixing it up. A question one week and a quote to comment upon the next is a good way to liven up things. Asking for suggestions is good too as it will give those participating a chance to suggest their favorite topics too.

Blogging Insights has always been my favorite prompt to write for, and incidentally, it has generated posts that have been quite popular with my readers. Since here I write about blogging, for bloggers, it is of interest to many people. especially new bloggers.

Questions/ quotes about the topics of posts, length of posts, blogging etiquette, and the reasons why people blog may be of interest to many bloggers.

Written in response to; Blogging Insights 3.0 -Mixing it up, hosted by Tanya



36 thoughts on “Change of direction in Blogging Insights!

  1. I’m one of those odd ducks that craves the comfort of routine. I love exploring and learning new things, but fall back into the embrace of the familiar….like a warm hug. I enjoy it immensely when something is mixed up enough to introduce something new, yet retains the reassurance of the familiar 💞

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  2. Lovely post Sadje and I agree change is needed to ensure we Bloggers enjoy blogging and a little twist here and there leads to magic in writing. It can be little things such as writing short blog posts with # hastags or slogans in the end. It can be a picture with no words written underneath

    Great idea here💯💯🔥

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