Social media and its impact on us

Jim asks; For Friday Faithfuls this week, I would like to know;

If you have children and if you allow them to use TikTok.

All three of my kids are above 30 now, so I don’t keep a check on their activities. They may use tik tok but they don’t need my permission.

How much time do you spend on social media and what sites do you use?

If you don’t count WordPress as a social media platform, next to nothing. Most of my time is spent on WP, and very infrequently I open Facebook.

What are your thoughts about social media data mining?

The fact that I’m not an American or living in a developed country, makes me safe from data mining ( the way I understand the idea) so if the only disadvantage I face is that I see an ad related to anything I saw on Facebook, it’s not worrying for me.

How do you feel after using social media?

I love being on WP! For Facebook, I have no feelings either way, and I hardly open my Twitter account. So I’m not much affected by social media like Facebook etc.

Do the things that you follow help or hurt your mental health?

Other than WordPress, other social media sites do not affect my mental health. WordPress has given me so much joy and improved my mental health and my capacity to deal with issues of mental health.

Do you hide your identity online, or do you feel free being yourself?

I have only hidden my real name on my blog. On Facebook, I am using my real name. The accounts linked to my blog also show me as Sadje.

How often do you respond to Di’s Share Your World questions, Lauren and Maggie’s Throwback Thursdays share, or Rory’s Morning Dawdler?

I respond to SYW every week while throwback Thursday is a hit or miss. The reason I don’t participate in that is that the questions are mostly related to western culture/ habits and I have nothing to contribute to that discussion. I either answer Rory’s questions in the comments or if I can, I post them in a separate post.

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36 thoughts on “Social media and its impact on us

  1. I’m everywhere. ✧⁠◝⁠(⁠⁰⁠▿⁠⁰⁠)⁠◜⁠✧
    Facebook, Ig, Twitter, Pinterest, Tiktok, Youtube and so on. But I don’t spend too much time on those stuffs. And I only follow pages that could inspire me like artist pages. Writers. Online shops. 🙈
    No celebrity or showbiz news, or political issues. Much better. No drama. Less toxic. 😁

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  2. I’m on Facebook mainly for my family. I do have Instagram but very rarely there or post anything. I’ve closed my blogs Facebook page as I got many annoying spam messages. I’m on Pinterest but mainly for inspiration on what I post here.

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  3. Great answers. Apart from WP I suppose with age or could say with time I am missing traditional methods. Keeping development arguments aside I think connectivity and netted surroundings are going to be zero soon.

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  4. Interesting topic Sadje and definitely this is a spectacular topic because we use social media every day and it is fair to discuss it’s impacts on our lives whether it is bad for us or beneficial to us.

    I believe social media is great but you should use it for what you need and not Post often because privacy is key people have become too open online and that is a bad thing.

    I only use 3 apps Facebook, WordPress and Instagram. They are the apps that work for me

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