My word of the year- Faith- WQ# 1


To open this challenge, I invite you to reflect on your year once more. Instead of thinking about what went wrong, think about what went right last year and build on strength as you consider resolutions and inspiring words for this year.


What was last year all about? It tested us, our resolve and commitments. I think what held me and mine strong all through the rough/ tough times was our Faith. So I chose Faith as my word of the year and resolve to hang on to it in good and bad circumstances.


Faith is the anchor

That stabilizes your boat

There’ll always be storms

But faith will be the saving force

That will tide you over even when

You brain says that all hope is lost!

Believing in the unseen

Taking that first step on the path

Holding on to the guidance

Never a doubt in the heart

When the strength of our beliefs

Conquer our fears of what can be

We become stronger with each day

And emerge victorious in all adversities


Written in response to; WQ #1 January 4: RESOLUTIONS v WORD OF THE YEAR/LOGO REVEAL, hosted by Marsha



40 thoughts on “My word of the year- Faith- WQ# 1

  1. This is beautiful, Sadje. I love these lines, “Faith is the anchor That stabilizes your boat”

    Faith is a great word for us all. I’m excited to see where it takes you this year.

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  2. My anchor is the soul
    on my little boat
    above the unconscious
    the great lake
    Storms come equally
    from inside
    the senses from the outside
    through the umbilical cord
    to the outside world
    having hope is a waste
    from time
    i am time
    in my short time
    the invisible
    must have an equivalent
    have inside me
    the brain has to learn
    with the feeling
    to work together
    I obey the soul alone
    I don’t let myself
    of worldly power
    nor by the spiritually powerful
    take by the hand
    i go with my fear
    since my childhood
    hand in hand
    i am a simple
    i am a weak person
    after every win
    defeat follows
    i go step by step
    even if I through my own depravity
    have become despondent
    I am the doubter of myself
    my soul holds me
    in the dream
    where I only have a supporting role
    have to play
    the mirror in front of
    the soul tells me every day who i really am
    Gods are made by humans
    to which they cling
    around in real life
    inside and outside
    to escape from one’s own helplessness
    I don’t have to overtake anyone
    I humbly want destiny
    carry out which the soul has given up

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