Poverty of soul

Murisopsis the poet of the week has asked us to write a poem of exactly 14 lines on poverty

Murisopsis’ prompt guidelines

Write a poem:

  1. Of exactly 14 lines;
  2. In any form or style; 
  3. On the topic of poverty(moral, financial, romantic, etc.).


Wealth doesn’t makes us rich

Richness of the spirit and soul needed

Needs and wants vying with each other

Others dreaming of what we have

Have and have-not in a clear dichotomy

Dichotomy dividing the society

Society in disarray

Disarray of the soul

Souls deprived of true values

Values that give purpose to lives

Lives lived empty, in a moral vacuum

Vacuum that expands to envelope our beings

Our beings empty like deflated balloons

Wealth and riches are useless, if we have poverty of spirit


Written for; W3 # 36, hosted by David



60 thoughts on “Poverty of soul

  1. I agree with all the above comments. Your poem is deep and moving and I agree 100%. “Wealth and riches are useless, if we have poverty of spirit” Sadly the two usually pair up as a couple.


      1. You are so right especially since most people don’t have money! When I was younger I memorized the Beatitudes in the Bible. “Blessed are the poor in spirit – not meant as you said it, but those who are humble – for they shall inherit the earth.”

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