Friends are a family we choose!( A re-share for JusJoJan)

Life gives us a lot of things, good, bad, and some which are hard to categorize! But friends are one of the nicest gifts of life, after the family.If you are lucky you will have one best friend, if you are very lucky you will have many. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. The sharing and caring that we get and give in a friendship are directly proportional to the depth of the relationship. And it is well worth investing emotionally in a friendship when your friendship is based on selfless love. What is amazing about a good friendship is that this relationship is at times even stronger than that of siblings. We can say things to friends that we sometimes cannot say to our own family. A friend who shares a sense of humor with you is very precious. There is a saying that;

“Cry and you cry alone and laugh and the world laughs with you”

But I beg to differ. Sympathy is easier to find than a shared sense of the ridiculous. At least that is my experience. Friends cheer you up when you are feeling down. They give you advice when you need guidance and they will be the support you need in troubled times.My best time spent with my friends is when we get together, away from the worries of home and family, and have a carefree outing, like catching a movie or going shopping. When you are in a bind, they will pick up the slack. They are going to help you with chores if you need them to and they are also going to lend the proverbial shoulder to lean on or even cry on if need be. So value friends and friendships. Have you any friends like family? Please share your thoughts and feedback.

Written for JusJoJan- Friendship, Prompted by Jezzie , hosted by Linda



50 thoughts on “Friends are a family we choose!( A re-share for JusJoJan)

  1. that was an amazing read, Sadje. every bit is true, made me think of my less than five friends who are constant in my life, and how blessed I am to have them.

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  2. Beautifully penned Sadje. I agree a good friend, and best friends, are priceless jewels to be treasured. There are few in my family I would consider as friends. As has been stated, we chose our friends – just as they have chosen us

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