Taking a break

January 2, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a sabbatical. Who needs one or has had one? What kind of tension could a rest create? Where can a break take your story? Go where the prompt leads!


Can I take a break from parenting? A sabbatical from being a mom?

Ah….I know the answer so don’t bother replying. Once a mom, always a mom, even when we don’t need to be. All my kids have crossed their thirtieth birthday, and officially I am not required to mother them. But….

My mother hen instincts override the reality of reason and need many a time and I carry on as if their welfare depends on my actions, till they, irritated tell me to step out of the way so that they can carry on with their parenting duties.


Word count; 99

In response to 99 Word Story- Sabbatical, hosted by Charli Mills



45 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. Yes, we continue to be Moms, no matter how old our children are. It’s just the love and mother instincts that make it so. Thanks, Sadje!

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  2. Lots of truth in your post 💯 Thru the years although often quite concerned with regards to adult children’s welfare I refrain from offering up advice ~ found it better to listen, support and only share if asked for Mother’s input.

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