Unexplained painting

The image is from the Google Next Hub Photo Gallery.

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows an arch-shaped opening in a rock wall in an ocean inlet. There is an orange glow brightly shining through the opening and some narrow streams of water falling down from the top of the arch into the churning waters in the inlet below.


Come dad, I have to show you something”

Richard followed his son to his studio and saw the stunning painting on the easel. His heart stopped for a moment. How? His mind was in a whirl.

He tried to act normal, but he couldn’t trust what he was seeing. Jack was a good artist, but the scene he had painted was one he should never have seen. The cave and that spectacle of golden light emanating from it were one that Richard had seen innumerable times, but only in his dreams, and to the best of his knowledge, it didn’t exist in the real world. He should know as he had searched for it all his adult life.

He finally found his voice, “ This is spectacular Jack! Where did you paint it, for it feels like an amazing natural phenomenon?”

“That’s the interesting thing dad, I have only seen this place in my dreams and though I’ve scoured the internet, I never found this place. I’ve painted it from the memory of my dream”.

Richard sat down on the sofa in the studio and debated what to tell his son. Cautiously he started telling his son of his long recurring dream. And then Jack shared something similar. He had been dreaming of this place since his teens. In fact, it was the urge to paint this scene that made him choose art as his major in uni.

They stared at each other trying in their minds to solve this mystery. Richard got up and pulled his son up. “ I think we have to make an effort to find this place and solve this mystery. Perhaps we will find a clue there why we both are dreaming of this place!”

They had no idea what future had in store for them!


In response to FFFC # 200, hosted by Fandango



86 thoughts on “Unexplained painting

  1. Sadje, understanding and interpreting dreams is one of my special interest areas. Your story is appreciated as your characters are remembering, reporting, and sharing their dreams with each other. I hope they discover what the images are trying to tell them.

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  2. Brilliant Sadje. Everyone seems to want to know what happens next, if they find where the image is from. I’m more curious about why they’re both having the same recurring dream 🤔

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  3. Sounds like a wonderful adventure to go on.
    Reminds me of a Star Trek episode where a guy dreamed of a gal and drew her.
    They did end up meeting… but once he went to her planet he couldn’t leave because of some odd ailment issue. But it was OK I think because he was also a scientist so he was going to try and solve or help quell the health issue. (That is if I remember… )

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        1. No, haven’t seen any repeats here. Initially we used to have way more American content on out TV because we hadn’t progressed to making our own but nowadays, we only have Pakistani dramas on our channels.

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          1. 🙂

            We’ve been watching You-Tube TV … We also get a service that we can watch some older series from Brit Box. Mostly mysteries 🙂

            But then my hubby likes some sports too 😀

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                    1. I think it has to be tough on younger people who believe in all the instant news platforms. One has to be taught how to interpret or at the very least suspect false news.

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                    2. Kind of scary as to what children can actually access these days… Even young adults.

                      I read a woman got fired because she posted something on social media that perhaps should not have been posted.

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                    3. There are some things parents can do… but some teens are smart enough to find work arounds. Some technology is too intrusive. I’ve got a sort of ‘smart-watch’ but I take it off at night. I don’t need my sleep tracked.

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                    4. It is hard to read about Baby monitors or computer sweepers (vaccums)… that might be infultrated by people we don’t want.

                      Too much tech – might save the trees (paper wise)… but there is just so much I’d rather not have available to everyone.

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