In search of Visa

People aspiring to work in any developed country are desperate to get a work visa approved for that country at any cost.

Many people in third-world countries are willing to put their life savings and even health at stake to go abroad to earn money to support their families, make a better future for themselves, and free themselves from the shackles of poverty.

Sad stories of people being shipped hidden in narrow holds of boats unsuitable for the purpose and causing death or serious health issues for them aren’t that uncommon to read, for these people are willing to put everything at stake, even crossing borders as illegal immigrants.

The story is the same in my country where people think that getting a visa or employment in the Middle East is a ticket that’ll solve all their problems.

They try to buy their way to get a job in Dubai or Saudi Arabia, only to end up working 18 hours a day and living in inhumane conditions.

If they only understood that hard work is rewarded everywhere and being in one’s own country, being surrounded by family and friends is of greater benefit than suffering in a country where they don’t know anyone and everything they go through they have to do it all by themselves.


In response to Six Sentence Story- Visa, hosted by Denise



50 thoughts on “In search of Visa

  1. So true Sadje. There are unscrupulous people who trade in the dreams of others and exploit them. We hear of too many cases in the UK of people dying in their attempts to get into the UK… lorries full of dead people, boats sinking in the English Channel. People will always have dreams- and I agree like will not always be better elsewhere, but people traffickers need to be stopped too

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  2. I live in a border state and the people wanting to come to the US for a better life can be so sad. The number of women and children who face hardships along the way including sexual abuse is truly scary.

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  3. I’ve heard such desperate stories and they are heartbreaking, giving up family for nothing but worse misery and hardship. But they all want a better life for themselves and their families, and their own society, their own governments fail them.

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  4. Poverty is the culprit.
    These days everybody is exploiting everybody irrespective of being rich or poor.
    Humanity is lost.
    As you rightly said nothing like spending time with family members staying in own country.
    Recently one Gentleman from Gujarat died while climbing Trump wall near Mexico Border.

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  5. My sister-in-law immigrated from India to Canada, and she definitely went through some interesting times while becoming a citizen here. There was a period when she was not legally allowed to work (thanks to the Canadian government changing how the system worked in the middle of her trying to file the correct documents), and she had to rely on my brother’s support. Thankfully that time of instability is long behind her.

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  6. Such a complex issue. Your points are well taken Sadje. I can’t help but think those who make the decision to risk their lives, and often those of their families, have been driven by extreme conditions making the risk worthy of trying.

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