New Year’s Poetry Challenge- January 2023

Write a poem about New Year’s traditions in your country. If you do not follow your country’s traditions, write about what the new year means to you.. We will write 5–7 lines of free verse for either subject.


New year means I have to remember

To put 23 instead of 22 when writing the date

The weather is still cold, mornings are hazy and foggy

Sun comes up a bit earlier than before and set later

Kids are still off from school and we are enjoying our time together

New month means money in the account, groceries to buy

The humdrum daily life goes on just as before


We don’t have and traditions that everyone observes on new year. Everyone does their own thing. And frankly, except for the date nothing much changes.

In response to New Years Poetry Challenge, hosted by Rebecca of Fake Flamingo



43 thoughts on “New Year’s Poetry Challenge- January 2023

  1. After the ‘holidaze’ – if there is such a thing as normalcy returning… Less crowds, holiday references of any kind (Oh… wait now things are up for Valentines already!!).


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