Constellation of stars

There are stars up there

Shining down at us

Day or night they are still there

But it’s only in the darkness of night

That we can detect the constellation of stars

There are stars on the earth too

We notice them more in the darkness of despair

When these heroes rise up and do the needful

Sometimes their services go unnoticed, un acknowledged

But they are the glue holding our society together

Our unsung heroes, our moms, dads, health workers, emergency workers

And so many more

In response to JusJoJan- Constellation, prompted by Willow, hosted by Linda



52 thoughts on “Constellation of stars

  1. You have reminded me about how at celebration dinners (or lunches) for business or volunteers, that the host speaker often does thank the ‘back-up’ spouses and family to support those who have given up time from home to do that extra bit for a job or volunteer outlet.

    Unseen heroes indeed. 🙂

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