No resolutions, just goals

As the new year begins

People are in a quandary

Are they supposed to make

New year resolutions or just

Set achievable goals which are

Easy to accomplish, without pressure

Take my advice my friends

Don’t put the pressure of expectations

Upon your soul, just take it easy

Set a few easy targets, and try to meet them

Enjoy the new day, new year

With joy and gratitude

Written for JusJoJan- Resolution, hosted by Linda



66 thoughts on “No resolutions, just goals

  1. Well said Sadje……I think the whole “New Year’s’ resolutions” thing sets people up for failure.

    How many people do you know(perhaps even yourself and I include myself here) who at some point make and proclaim some great resolution for the new year – and within a few weeks or months it’s gone out the window? Cheers and blessing for you and your family in 2023.

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  2. sage advice Sadje – sometimes we can get caught up in making unrealistic resolutions – or make them without really committing to them. Its better to set workable goals that can be monitored and adjusted as we go.

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