2022- Reflections on the past year

December 28: Reflections on 2022/Writer’s Choice/ or YOUR WOTY (Word of the Year)

Good and bad

Go hand in hand

Joy and sorrow

Running parallel

Life is in balance

Only answer is gratefulness

Always look ahead

Seek tomorrow with hope

Let go of yesterday with forgiveness

Let the past remain in the past

Don’t spoil your today and enjoy

Without regrets of what cannot be changed

Horizon by KL Caley

The new day dawns with hope

Lifting my heart and soul high

Let the light spread and brighten today


( I am using this image by K L Caley, because it is just perfect for this post)

Written in response to;WQW 50: Remembering 2022 With Quotes, Poetry, Photos, and Stories, hosted by Marsha

Also included WritePhoto # Horizon, hosted by KL Caley




46 thoughts on “2022- Reflections on the past year

  1. And in the final analysis you are the Captain of your own ship and should measure yourself against yourself not the markers laid down by others.

    There are no paths, paths are made by walking.

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  2. Amen, what a wonderful thought, great advice and will some of God’s love, prayers and blessings- hopefully we can all get closer to being there. Happy New Year. 🦋🌹🎊🎉❤️hugs and love, Joni

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